How to provide effective communication to individuals who are Hard of Hearing.

Over 50 million Americans are hard of hearing. Learn how to provide effective communication.

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The number one complaint from customers/clients/patients who are hard of hearing is that most people don't know how to communicate effectively with them, face to face and over the phone. It's a HUGE problem.

This Continuing Education and CME online course is perfect for all employees of any business, practice and agency and it's only an hour long.

All hard of hearing customers deserve respect, no matter what industry you or your business is in. (doctor's office, dental office, bank, call center etc...). Inclusion is a must. Effective communication is the law.

Even more importantly, the American Disabilities Act (ADA) states that you must provide equal communication access/effective communication for hard of hearing and deaf individuals. Your clients can file an official complaint with the ADA if accommodations are not made. Learn how to communicate effectively and use the tools we teach to provide equal communication access. Be ADA compliant!

It's time to enroll yourself and your staff. Our hour long self paced online course will change the way you communicate with hard of hearing and deaf individuals and help you be ADA compliant.

We are a one of a kind course! We'll teach you methods, history and solutions to provide effective communication. Pass a quick quiz to receive your Certificate of Completion/Attendance.

Course approved and certified by the NCAAP # NCCAP501103-22 and the AAPA

-Be ADA compliant and enroll your staff.

-Develop yourself and your staff

-Include this course in your hiring packet

-Make this part of your yearly meeting

-Avoid official complaints

-Grow customer service excellence

Your Instructor

Jean Nalbantian
Jean Nalbantian

Jean "John" Nalbantian, is the founder, creator, President and CEO of The Better Connect Academy, LLC.

With over 20 years of experience working with hard of hearing individuals and other disability groups, his experience and connections helped in the development of this very important online course. His vision is to continue advocating for the hard of hearing community and ensuring that businesses and organizations know how to provide effective communication per ADA laws.

He's a graduate of the University of Phoenix, BS in Human Services Management and Gerontology certifications from USC.

Personal note:

Your enrollment in this course is very important and commendable. The hard of hearing and deaf communities need you to provide effective communication per ADA laws, to bridge the communication gap. Thank you for taking the course.

Course Curriculum

  COURSE: How to better communicate with people who are hard of hearing
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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I receive my Certificate of Completion/Attendance?
As soon as you are done with the course and pass the quiz, the certificate will be generated.
Why is this course important to me?
This course is a must if you work for any customer/patient facing job. They deserve to be communicated to, correctly. It's also the law to provide equal communication access.
Why is this course important to businesses?
It's important because the law states that businesses must provide equal communication access to Hard of Hearing and Deaf individuals per the ADA. All new and current employees should be enrolled.

Thank you for taking our online CE/CME course. Your certificate of completion and attendance will be generated at end of course upon passing the quiz. We appreciate your attendance and please remember the communication steps you learned here.

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